elements and prototype assemblies and pre-series in sheet metal


Demoidea SRL was Founded in 2012. Demoidea SRL has successfully focused on a well-defined market segment such as the production of small and medium-sized sheet metal elements. Initially the work carried out is manually hammering sheet metal, but with the acquisition of new spaces. There are also new activities to manage linked to the acquired technologies and human resources. The manual hammering is immediately accompanied by the opening of the Department of Metrology in support of our idea that quality is essential for the growth and development of the company.

To support the qualitative process, we immediately structured a technical office with the introduction of the most successful software for the design and study of the activities.

The increase in workload and the greater flexibility required by the market have led us to develop new systems for optimizing equipment for the realization of the elements, investing in machines of last generation CNC for the Cold stamping and for bending.

The increasing demand of quality of our customers and constant repeatability has consolidated a high and specific professionalism of our human resources by developing the experience that has constituted the Italian metalworking sector..

The need to maintain a high quality standard and to be able to respect the increasingly tightened deadlines required by customers has given life to our milling CNC, 2D and 3D laser cutting departments to complete the production process necessary to get the finished product starting from the mathematical model.


we always start from an idea to give life to a new project

We are a company that manufactures elements and prototype assemblies, pre-series in sheet metal. With our customers, we work to build unique products which are symbols of Italian excellence in the world, with a Tailor-Made approach.
For us each project is unique, and arises from the analysis of the specifications requested by the customer. The collaboration starts from the design phase, during which we analyze and optimize every stage of production, in order to guarantee a high quality with respect to the specific requirements, optimizing the production costs accurately and precisely.
We merge our work on passion and innovation.
On the strength and development of our skills.

We believe in collaboration in order to create the best product possible.


We are a company that produces prototype elements and pre-series in sheet metal

Demoidea S.R.L. wants to be a workplace where people are inspired to give their best, structured in a streamlined and effective dynamic organization to nurture a winning network of customers and to grow together, financially. Summarized in our claim "We always start from an idea to give life to a new project:" Growing Together.

at demoidea

we strongly believe in our values


    We operate in the interest of our customers by offering quality in the work we do, reliability and long-term efficiency. By committing ourselves to maintaining and developing our technical skills.


    We invest in long-term relationships with our customers and do what is necessary to protect and maintain a high reputation as a highly skilled and efficient company, whose design team consists of highly collaborative people. We place values in long term customer satisfaction rather than short-term gains and we give a high quality service to keep our customers happy with our services.


    We behave ethically and responsibly towards customers, respecting societal needs and codes, and contributing to the adoption of sustainable solutions.

    Part of the value added for the benefit of our customers lies in the effective and efficient collaboration, paying attention, offering courtesy and competence in order to provide integrated services.


    The basis of versatility is the adoption of a working method suitable for any product, which allows our team to develop a project for the various and possible fields of application, following the same rigorous approach. We are a dynamic and streamlined company that thanks to the new techniques formed that are used both in the design and in the three-dimensional modelling, has competitiveness in the time of development and realization of the project.

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